Copyright Services

  • Copyright
  • Design and Trademark Registration
  • Intellectual Property Consultancy


  • Tax Audits
  • Due Diligence Audits
  • Information System Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Concurrent Audits
  • Legal Compliance Audits


  • GST Migrations and Registrations
  • Filing of GST Returns
  • GST Consultancy/Advisory on various issues of GST
  • Impact Analysis on Business Segments
  • GST Audits as per GST Act, 2017
  • GST Implementation
  • Compilation of Data of Input Tax Credit
  • GST Assessments
  • Transition from Pre-GST to GST Regime
  • Maintenance of Records for Compliance
  • Strategic Business Planning under GST Regime
  • Supplier/Buyer Management
  • GSTN Number Verification Services
  • HSN Code Finder


  • Incorporation of company
  • Consultancy on Company Law matters.
  • Planning for Mergers, Acquisitions, De-mergers, and Corporate re-organizations.
  • Filing of annual returns and various forms, documents.
  • Maintenance of Statutory records
  • Change of Name, Objects, Registered Office, etc.


  • Accounting System Design & Implementation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Reporting
  • MIS Reports
  • Financial Analysis
  • Asset Accounting Management
  • Depreciation and Amortization Schedules


  • Preparation of Monthly Salary Sheet
  • Deductions as per applicable laws like Income Tax, Provident Fund, and Professional Tax etc.
  • Computation and deposit of TDS, ESI, PF etc
  • Disbursement/ Online Payment of Salary.
  • Pay slip by password protected e-mail.
  • Reimbursement of telephone, medical bills etc.
  • Issue of Form 16 to employees.
  • Periodic Reconciliation of payments/statutory deductions etc. with books of accounts.
  • Administration of gratuity, superannuation, pension schemes etc.


  • Preparations of Project Reports
  • Preparation of CMA data for bank loans
  • Preparation of CMA data for bank loans
  • External Credit Borrowings (ECBs)


  • Enables business to concentrate on core business activities.
  • Use of manpower for more important functions
  • Investment in fixed assets reduced/minimized.
  • Substantial Savings in Cost.
  • Services of experts made available.
  • Improved Internal Controls
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to provide more timely and accurate financial data
  • Off-site Backup of Data.
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